Choosing the Perfect Splashback for Your Kitchen

When it comes to finding something special for our kitchen, we seem to run into a lot of issues. And then things get more complex as you think about choosing splashbacks for your kitchen.

Splashbacks were once just used in the kitchen to keep the kitchen walls from getting riddled with grease and oil stains.

Now, it has been an integral part of your kitchen decor. Choosing the right kitchen glass splashback is therefore critical.

Nowadays, the splashback is most frequently chosen as a statement item in contemporary kitchens, offering the ideal chance to add lavish textures, bright colours and the newest material trends.

Melbourne Splashbacks

Find a Spashback That Can Enhances Your Benchtop

Your benchtop could always be complemented by splashbacks. This is the easiest way to pick a splashback, since it will limit your options.

Here are a variety of options:  

  1. Decide on the benchtop first 
  2. Next, pick the splashback
  3. And use the same material for both of them

Decide on the benchtop first 

It’s usual to feel a little confused and overwhelmed by all the variety of materials and colours. A smart practise is to work on finding the benchtop that you like first.

Deciding on the splashback first

If you see the right splashback that is just perfect for you before you have even thought about looking at the benchtops, then go for it! When you have picked a backsplash, your selection of benchtops can narrow down.

Using the same materials on all of them

If you’d like to keep things easy, begin by selecting a benchtop and use it for both a benchtop and a splashback.

When selecting Kitchen Splashbacks, which materials are better used?

The almost infinite options for kitchen splashbacks can often feel daunting, but we are happy to help with your kitchen splashbacks in Melbourne.

Among the most popular kitchen splashback materials include:

  • Glass
  • Pressed metals
  • Tiles
  • Mosaïc
  • Stainless Steel

Tiles are the best choice when it comes to splashbacks for kitchens. They are a conventional option, budget friendly and offer a wide variety of style. That being said, they need some sort of maintenance.

Glass and stainless steel are the most traditional materials used in classic and modern kitchen projects, check out some advantages of glass splashbacks to help give you some inspiration. You ought to consider washing and repairs, too.

Choosing kitchen splashbacks

Feature Splashbacks to Really Stand Out!

Having a feature kitchen splashback can be a great idea to make the room unique and stand out from the mundane, bold splashback colours will make a world of difference, or you might want to have to try a glass splashback with a digitally printed pic.

Research Suppliers When Sourcing Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks can be costly or cheap and vary in quality depending on where you source them. To find the best deal, you need to do some browsing around and check prices before you decide to make an order. A better option is to talk to a specialist installer who has contacts in the industry and knows the best places to find the right materials at the right prices for the job.

Final Notes:

While there are a lot of choices available, these are only a few of our common and most popular ideas for splashback inspiration ideas. If you want more details about the perfect splashback for your kitchen, we’d love to help.